Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update: No Rest For The Wicked

Hey y'all,

Don't abandon me just yet! I've had a kookoo bananas holiday break but that does not mean I haven't been getting vegansexual in the kitchen. If you like what you've seen so far, you won't regret sticking around. I received a tofu press, TWO food processors (one miniature for small projects), and an immersion blender for Christmas, a good haul indeed. I have been cooking with the new roomie and we've got lots of fabulous food porn to feast your eyes on. Here's what's coming in the next week:

Queering the Kitchen (or, How I Theorize About Everything I Do)
Baked Pumpkin Ziti with Sage Breadcrumbs (Veganomicon is my bible)
Seitan Buffalo Wingz (Party Vegan)
Potato Croquettes (Vegan Good Things)

So stay tuned! Recipes and food erotica forthcoming.

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