Saturday, January 15, 2011

VeganSexual's Favesies Vegan Blogs

Y'ALL. It's only a few more days before the semester begins and I'll probably be blogging more, as I get inspired to write for pleasure when I'm procrastinating on my schoolwork. Prepare yourself for Spinach-Potato Croquettes, Japanese Golden Curry with Tempeh and Red Peppers,  and Snickerdoodles. The Roomie and I are planning on a giant (platonic) vegansexual cook-a-thon on Monday and you won't be able to HANDLE the cupcakes I'm making.

Until that day, I thought I'd post some of my favorite vegan blogs around the interwebs so you can take a peek at where I've found amazing recipes, theoretical frameworks, and living tips for vegans. Some of these blogs don't necessarily agree with each other when it comes to how they approach veganism, so peruse at your will. You'll probably find something you can get behind if interested.

Vegan Good Things
Go Vegan Meow!
Hipster Food
Vegan YumYum

Vegan Ideal
Unpopular Vegan Essays
My Face Is On Fire

The Vegan RD
Your Daily Vegan

Besos, everyone.

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