Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hump Day Round Up

Really, it's just too easy with that kind of title. Here are some links from the abolitionist vegan communities across the web:

Did you read Aaron Sorkin's op-ed about Sarah Palin's defense of her own televised caribou-hunt? Just another example of how we condemn some animal use but don't reflect on the horrors of our own. Gary L. Francione has this response that's definitely worth the read (we all have to cringe, but Sarah Palin IS right about this one).

Ex-vegans have been in the news lately, suddenly experts on vegan nutrition and are spreading misinformation about the healthfulness of vegan living. Unpopular Vegan Essays weighs in on different arguments used by ex-vegans, while Ginny Messina over at The Vegan RD debunks the fake science used to discredit vegan diets.

Looking for something to do, insomniac? Come join our Abolitionist Approach forum discussions for theoretical explorations of animal rights, ideas for non-violent vegan education, and recipes/living tips from seasoned vegan veterans. Click here to check it out!

Going vegan means rejecting all consumption of animals, including food, clothing, personal care, and entertainment. It's easier than you think; more importantly, it's morally the right thing to do.Learn more about veganism here, here, and here.

Personal note:

Finals are almost over and the holiday break is nigh. My mom found a food processor in her cabinet from 1987 that has never been used (no one was surprised) and she also gave me her old bread maker as an early-I-don't-want-this-shit-so-you-can-have-it Christmas present. Get ready for compulsive, vegansexual self-pleasure.

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  1. :) I assume that was a typo and you meant that Sarah Palin was half-right. Right about A S being a hypocrite, but wrong about ... well, many things.